Can You Grill on Navarre Beach?

Navarre Beach, Florida. You can sure get some suntan there! But can you grill food over a fire while doing it?

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Nothing screams summertime more than a delicious barbeque grill on the beach while you enjoy the warm sun and the rhythmic sounds of the waves crashing to shore.

How about a beautiful campfire to warm you up while roasting some s’mores and gazing at the stars?

Navarre Beach has strict rules for its beaches as they consider the environment and the carbon footprints that beachgoers leave on the wildlife. Navarre beach does not allow any charcoal or gas grills on the beaches, but it does cater to public grills in the dolphin pavilion area.

When planning your next vacation to Navarre beach, don’t get despondent that you can’t enjoy a great campfire roasting your favorite s’mores with your loved ones.

There are numerous places near and around Navarre beach to enjoy those traditional campfires or that delicious family barbeque.

Grilling on Navarre Beach

The rules and regulations of Navarre beach clearly state that no open fires are allowed on Navarre beaches. No one is allowed to bring their own charcoal or gas grill for a day of grilling at the beach.

There are, however, some public beach charcoal grills in public pavilions that allow you to make use of their grills. You will be required to ensure that the coals are properly extinguished and correctly disposed of. 

Anyone found breaking the beach rules may be charged with a hefty fine and could also find the strong arm of the law and face jail time.

Public Beach Areas: Pavillion

  • Yes: You can bring your own charcoal and make use of the grills
  • No: Bringing your own charcoal grill is not allowed
  • No: Bringing your own gas grill is not allowed

Public Beach Areas: Actual Beach

  • No: Charcoal grills are not permitted
  • No: Gas grills are not permitted
  • No: Campfires or bonfires are not permitted
  • No: Any type of open fire is not permitted

Does Navarre Beach Have Public Grills?

In our opinion, just because you can’t grill on Navarre beach doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a day of grilling some great-tasting burgers with the family at a nearby pavilion.

Several locations in and around the Navarre Beach area offer public grilling facilities.

Navarre Beach has several pavilions that offer public grills; the Dolphin Pavilion and Barracuda Pavilion are two of the main pavilions situated on the Gulf side and offer picnic tables and six charcoal grills for public use.

Booking is necessary and needs to be made with the tourist development office at least four days prior to using the facilities.

Where Can I Grill Near Navarre Beach?

When vacationing in Navarre, it’s great to eat out at some great grill restaurants, but we know nothing beats those homemade grilled barbeque hamburgers where the whole family enjoys a day in the sun.

Navarre does not allow open fires or any sort of grill on their beaches, but just slightly further east or west of Navarre, you will find some great spots that cater for public grills near or on the beach.

Try some of these local areas to enjoy a day of grilling with their public facilities;

  • Navarre park pavilions
  • Escribano point campgrounds
  • Milton Gulf/Pines KOA
  • Navarre Campgrounds
  • Park West Pensacola beach

Is a Permit Needed for a Bonfire in Navarre Beach?

If you do find a place that allows you to create a bonfire on the beach or lets you bring your grill with you for a day of fun in the sand, then make sure you contact the authorities to apply for a temporary permit.

You can obtain a beach bonfire permit from the South Walton Fire District in Santa Rosa Beach.


Navarre beach does not allow any sort of open fire on its beaches but trust us when we say you will find some picturesque public facilities that will offer grills and picnic tables right on the skirt lines of the beach.

You won’t be traveling too far to find a grill facility where you can still enjoy the ocean’s sight, smell, and sound.

It’s time to get grilling!

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