Can You Grill on Biloxi Beach?

So you’re vacationing in Biloxi? Don’t forget to bring suntan lotion! But can you also bring burgers… and a few ribeyes?

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With the soft white sands and calm waters with temperatures in the upper 80s, grilling on one of Biloxi’s beaches is the stereotypically perfect summer activity.

After an enjoyable day fishing from the sand, how about you celebrate catching that succulent, firm cobia by marinating it in lemon juice and grilling it on the beach?

Subject to a strict set of rules, you can grill on the Biloxi beach. The regulations include how far from the seawall and any wooden structures the grill must be positioned. There’s a $5.00 fee to grill on the beach and $25.00 to use one of the bonfire pits.

Biloxi beach is among the primary attractions of Biloxi, a Mississippi city on the Gulf of Mexico known for its lighthouse and casinos.

The sensible rules imposed by Harrison County are designed to help maintain the beach in pristine condition and prevent damage to buildings or injury to the beachgoers.

Grilling on the Biloxi Beach

With 26 miles of white sand, the beach in Biloxi in Harrison county is the largest man-made beach in the world.

This wonderful facility is strictly controlled by Harrison county, under which the city of Biloxi falls, to ensure that the beaches stay in pristine condition.

You are allowed to build fires and even barbeques on the beach as follows:

  1. You can build fires only in the bonfire pits.
  2. Charcoal grills are allowed.
  3. Gas grills are allowed.

To grill on Biloxi beach, you need a permit. The permit fees to light fires, at the time of publishing this guide, are:

  1. A permit to allow you to light a bonfire in the provided pits is $25.00.
  2. A permit to allow you to light a small grill fire on the beach is $5.00.

We think you will agree that the following rules, which control the lighting of fires on the Biloxi beach, are very sensible:

  1. No pallets or wood with nails are allowed.
  2. No glass containers are allowed on the beach or seawall area.
  3. The fire must be located at least 100 ft south of the seawall.
  4. The fire must be located at least 100 ft from any wooden structure (beach hut, pier, building) or erosion control area (grass or fence).
  5. The fire must be kept small and under control (3 ft high, 6 ft wide).
  6. An adult person (at least 18 years old) must constantly attend to the fire until the fire is completely extinguished.
  7. The remnants of the fire must never be covered with sand.
  8. All debris must be placed in one of the provided dustbin containers or removed before leaving the beach.
  9. No fires are allowed in the Bird Sanctuary Areas.

All About Biloxi Beach

Biloxi’s pristine white-sand beaches are covered in sand renowned for remaining cool enough to walk on with your bare feet.

After being ravaged by Hurricane Katrina and several unfortunate oil spills, the beaches have been fully rehabilitated. This oasis of tranquility is maintained by Harrison county and strictly governed to ensure they continue in this condition.

To ease the hassle of the regulations, a company called “Bonfires On The Beach” will organize the necessary permits, help you find the most suitable fire pit, and even set the fire up, light it, and next morning clear up the sight for you.

Biloxi provides many fire pits and built-in safely controlled positions for lighting bonfires.


The Biloxi offers 26 miles of unique man-made beaches, maintained in pristine condition by the authorities.

These officials enthusiastically endorse the use of the beaches for leisure and entertainment, and they are very pragmatic in allowing beachgoers to grill.

The requirement that permits be obtained before any fires are lit provides funds to authorities used for the beach’s upkeep.


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